Euro-Am Realty intervenes on the local real estate market. The light human and material structure allows flexibility and dynamism, and the legal shape of the company infers limited brokerage costs. The method of work includes :

  • Regular prospecting of the vacant properties (or likely vacant);
  • Negotiation to offer complete products;
  • Monitoring of publications and specialized websites;
  • Complete arrangements considering expenses of the deal, financing, exchange rate of the dollar.

         Euro-Am Realty modifies and adapts the content of the package which is proposed, according to your desideratum: only a house, or with the furniture, appliances, car...

         In every case, you take advantage of personalized accompanying measures:

  • Until contract is signed: listening, dialogue and advice;
  • During the procedure: work of representation, translation and defense of your interests;
  • After purchasing: if you wish, management of your property, renting, reselling.

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