«Owner of a house in Roussillon, France, seeks to exchange his property with couple of Americans living in Florida, for 3 weeks.»


         EURO-AM REALTY offers a FREE service allowing you to put your ad or to consult ads coming from France. We intervene simply as an interface between offer and demand. The announcements are under the responsibility of their authors.
This service allows you to test the region of your choice before investing or to make a profitable deal with your house.


  1. Describe you home honestly in your listing and in all correspondence. You want your exchange partner to be pleasantly surprised when he arrives.
  2. Leave you home clean. Make sure that floors are vacuumed and mopped, refrigerator emptied, stove and oven grease-free, bath and shower free of mold and grime, windows see-through, and surfaces dust-free.
  3. Clear away enough of your personal belongings to leave space on shelves and in closets and drawers so that you guests can empty their suitcases.
  4. Leave two sets of clean sheets and towels per person.
  5. Compile a clear, useful "Guide to your home and surroundings" which includes local tourist information and household notices about the use of appliances, pool, pets, plants care...
  6. Clarify who pay what in terms of telephone, electric bills, gas consumption...
  7. Arrange for a family member, neighbor or friend to come by and welcome your exchange partners when they arrive.
  8. Leave the making of a first meal.
  9. Leave a small gift of welcome: a bottle of wine, a local specialty...
  10. At the end of your stay, donít forget to put things back where you found them and leave the house organized and clean.
To place an ad, just fill the FORM. Your offer will be on-line within a few days.
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